Supporting Your Cause for Giving


Extend an invaluable lifeline to those affected by hardship and catastrophe. Our relief programs give nonprofit organizations the ability to conveniently assist individuals to must-have resources.


Responding quickly to emergency situations

Effective distribution of funds, products, and services

Providing individuals with help that is relevant for their situations

Transparency of donation distribution


Virtually instant availability and access to needed products and services

Removing operational and logistical barriers to delivering assistance

Custom, physical and digital payment options for unexpected situations

Administrative control to distribute funds as intended

Disaster Relief Efforts

Promptly reach victims in need of disaster relief and recovery supplies – send volunteers to the site with easy-to-distribute, ready-to-use pre-loaded benefit cards

Direct funds to ensure the most crucial items are accessible in such a unique time of need, from the bare basics for getting by to basically everything needed to rebuild

Track redemption analytics to ensure your relief efforts are being managed appropriately, and make adjustments for future assistance activations if/as needed

Specialized Causes

Enhance existing programs – e.g., supplement your food bank’s shelf-stable offerings with pre-loaded payment cards that allow for the purchase of perishable items such as fresh vegetables or dairy products

Use as an alternate method for distributing goods to those being served when donated supplies are running low and the need is critical – clothing, shoes, pet food, suitcases, diapers, etc.

Divvy out benefit allowances at set intervals to those actively involved in long-term outreach programs to reinforce and incentivize changed behaviors

Corporate Giving Partnerships

Strengthen the reach of corporate partnerships and increase gift-in-kind engagement. Drive recipients directly to relevant products and services that the corporate partners provide

Utilize branded payment cards to distribute designated funds, program stipends, and grant monies or to disperse unique gift-in-kind services provided by generous corporate and local partners

Direct funds to ensure recipients purchase products such as food or cleaning supplies manufactured by your sponsors. Or send them to redeem for gift-in-kind services such as tutoring and job training sessions from small business and individual partners

Payment Solutions

With Directed Spend Technology you define the merchandise your customers need by choosing from a set of skus, a specific brand, a category or a department. Next, set the value or the discount. Our best in class technology gives you on-demand solutions, test & emails capabilities, wallet functionality and more.

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